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I am both a picture editor and director whose professional work for over 10 years has spanned commercial, tv and film projects within my native home of Canada and abroad.
“The Last Tourist” (2021) is my second feature film as editor, where I worked with nearly 400 hours of footage, with footage from across 13 countries. My first film, as both editor and director, “Material Success” (2013) screened internationally and won the Audience Choice at the Canadian Film Festival and Best Film at the Canadian Film Festival (2012). In 2018, I edited the short film “Betrayal”- investigating the war crimes whistleblower Cindor Reeves - which won as part of the Corus Hot Docs Film Festival Forum Pitch Prize. Most recently, I both directed and edited the online horror mini-series “The Confinement” (2021).
My commercial picture edit work has garnered a nomination for Best YouTube Ad of the Year, a bronze PROMO! Award, merit winner from The Advertising & Design Club of Canada, and my commercial directing work an Assegai Award. I have worked with clients such Microsoft, Ford, Quaker, Kraft, with many online ads gaining viral success. My work has been featured in AdWeek, Ads of the World, Strategy, Marketing Week, and BuzzFeed.
I am a member of the Directors Guild of Canada as both director and editor, and an associate member of the Canadian Cinema Editors. I have an B.F.A. from Ryerson University's School of Image Arts, and I have lived and worked in Holland, South Africa, Germany and Canada. 
I am always in awe of the power of film, and the ability for the hero's journey to connect our shared human experience. I love horror and sci-fi films, good ghost  and alien stories,  travelling and getting lost in nature.
Thank you!
Portrait art by: Cyzo
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